hands down the best posts you’ve ever seen.

  https://tobystechnologytakeover.wordpress.com/2017/09/28/started-from-the-bottom-and-now-we-remixing/ My post about remixing got of post of the week for week 2 so I would definitely say that the post linked above is my strongest post during this insightful blogging experience. I’m not gonna lie I feel like I kind of set the bar for how to effectively and successfully incorporate different […]

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Anxiety Created from a Screen

The way technology, specifically personal smart phones, can influence our body to react a certain way is absolutely mind boggling to me. After reading this article on how social media can induce anxiety, I really understand now that anxiety can be triggered by constantly checking and thinking about your reception on social media. See, anxiety […]

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Infographic Page

One idea I have is to use research that I have done on paper towels. I did research comparing how well two different paper towel brands absorb water. One of the paper towels was Walmart’s Great Value Brand and the other was Bounty Paper Towels. My intial assumption was that Bounty would have the superior […]

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